LED strip linear lighting Fixture

Short Description:

Super-Magic is real magic modulization linear fixtures,it can be regarded as LED strip light with interchangeable round and square light module to meet different appearance demand. When change another high-quality aluminum light module,it will become the cost-friendly eco linear light with built-in and external driver. it provide several quick-link,buckle style cramp, quicklink connector and quicklink card as optional.

Product Detail

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Module design to create different configuration .

CCT&Watt Tunable

Quick connection and installation to reduce labor cost

Cost friendly but keep anti-scratch aluminum front appearance

High Performance

Built-in and External driver optional

Product picture-Adjustable

More conveient and faster to joint connection: only two module to connect but create LED linear lighting seamless connection

Individual type and continuous row optional, easy and quick replacement

>145 LM/W

CCT switchable version or both CCT and watt switchable optional

DLC5.1 compliant 

Modular design, light emitting modules interchange.

No flickering, visual comfort

Emergency backup & Microwave sensor WIFI optional

5 years warranty

SPCC housing and extruding aluminum&PMMA reflector

Size Input Voltage  Watt  CCT Delivered Lumens(LM)  Efficacy(LM/W)


  CRI Dim
2ft 100-277V 15W-20W-25W Switchable 3000K/4000K/5000K switchable >3625 145LM/W 80/90 optional 0-10V 10%-100% Dimming 
4ft 100-277V 30W-40W-50W Selectable 3000K/4000K/5000K switchable  >7250
8ft 100-277V 60W-80W-100W Selectable 3000K/4000K/5000K switchable  >14500
msdkd (4)
msdkd (1)
msdkd (14)

Quick row connect from end cap by connector or plug cable

What kind of light is ECO?
ECO is simply an energy-saving economic mode. Most vehicles will be equipped with active ECO as standard. Of course, there are passive ECO. The difference between the two is that the active ECO has a button on the car, and the owner can choose to turn it on or off. Passive ECO does not have a button, and it is completely determined by the trip computer to determine whether it is effective.
Once the ECO mode is turned on during the driving of the car, the trip computer will intervene in the vehicle. Through the extraction and calculation of data such as vehicle speed, rotation speed, gearbox, etc., the most suitable amount of fuel can be provided to the engine to perform work. Save fuel consumption.
To give the simplest example, when the vehicle turns on the ECO mode, the most intuitive feeling is to push down the throttle. According to the normal speed, it should go straight to 80km/h. At this time, it does not. Instead, you will feel that the throttle is not at your disposal.
ECO mode sounds better than energy-saving mode, but it actually sacrifices power to save fuel consumption. The trip computer integrates various data of the trip to limit the work of the engine and directly reduce the output power of the engine.

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